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Saint Nicholas with Angels & Miracles

Tempera and gold on gesso, on carved  limewood panel.   This icon is the earliest known version of a very rare iconographic composition. It was sold by the Soviet government for hard currency in the late 1920s and is the subject of an in-depth study by Prof. Engelina Smirnova, reproduced here in the ‘extended entry’.

Russia, Novgorod

Height: 54 cm
Width: 42 cm

Handwritten label on the back "Muzei izyashnykh isskustv" (the name of the Pushkin Museum before 1932). Most likely sold at Torgsin, the Soviet foreign currency shops that existed 1931-6.
Purchased in Russia in the 1930s by American Collector
Ken Farmer Auctions, 03/05/2009, Mixed sale, lot 290
Acquired there by AXIA

Exhibited / Published
Museum of Russian Icons Journal of Icon Studies: Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker with Angels and Miracles, January 2012