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Gold-mounted rock crystal pendant with Saint Euphemia

The saint is shown standing on dais in the position of an oranta, her head flanked by Latin crosses with 'T-shaped' terminals.  She is identified by an inscription in Greek + ‘ΑΓΙΑ ΥΦΗΜΙΑ’ , ’St Euphemia’.

The circular medallion is made of two rock crystal lenses with smooth outer faces.  The back of the front lens is carved in intaglio and in reverse so it can be read correctly from the front.  The lenses are held together by the gold rim. 

The short length of the chain suggests this pendant was probably intended for a child. 


Eastern Mediterranean

Length: 38 (chain)
Diameter: 2.60 cm (pendant)
Weight: 12.76 g

Private collection, Alexandria 1930s-1956
Private collection Geneva 1956 – 1978
Acquired by AXIA 1978